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Do you just breathe in, just to breathe out?

Don’t breathe in to breathe out.

Baby, I'll Be Your Frankenstein
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  • keepthefaith_x@livejournal.com
Female, Melbourne Australia

Vegan, Straightedge.
Please do not bother adding me, I've used livejournal for many years now and I'm content with my users I've gotten to know over the years here as well as the communities I check.

-Friends Only Banner thanks to mcrnut
-Headder is made by me, please do not take, repost etc without seeking permission first.
- Twilight gif sidebar image thanks to driftingaway
- Other side bar images thanks to me
My Chemical Romance Mood theme thanks to rory_tutorgirl
Gossip Girl Mood theme (unknown, if you know who made it please let me know !!)